Personal Auto Policies

Personal Auto PoliciesPersonal auto insurance is a complicated area. Many insurance companies lead you to believe that discussing this subject with an inexperienced telemarketer is a quality substitute for having a personal agent. Don't buy into that theory for a minute. We are experienced professionals who are trained to give you the best possible coverage for the best price.

Through our years of experience we can prove time and time again that there is no substitute for having an agent to guide you. Price can be a major focus for you, but we are here to make sure you do not lose any of your family’s assets that you have worked hard to build. The bitterness of poor coverage and service will linger long after the happiness in discovering cheap coverage.

Price is part of the issue, but not the entire issue. We can give you prices from multiple companies, because we represent more than one company. As Independent Agents, we have choices to match our client’s needs with an insurance company than has appropriate coverages and prices.

Generally speaking, most Personal Auto policies provide the following basic coverages

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