Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance Savings

Put several cars on the same policy. It may reduce the premiums for all cars on your policy.

Take a defensive driving course. It's a valuable refresher and a good way to stay current on changes in the law. Customers who take these classes are frequently offered discounts.

Install a car alarm or other vehicle protection system. This may lead to a lower premium because the car is less likely to be stolen and is more likely to be recovered if it is stolen.

Consider a higher deductible. The change may lead to a lower premium because it requires insurance companies to pay less out of pocket, if you file a claim.

Use public transportation and carpooling to save on your premium. Auto insurance rates are directly affected by the amount of driving you do. Traveling fewer miles per year will save you money.

Avoid tickets and accidents - which can significantly increase the cost of your policy. Remember to ask for a good driver discount of 20% if you have had a clean driving
record for the past three years.

Make sure your next car is equipped with automatic seatbelts, airbags and anti-lock brakes, all of which typically lower the cost of a policy.

Take advantage of discounts offered by insurance companies. You may qualify for a reduced rate if you are over 50 years old; have completed a driver safety course; are a student who has good grades; or satisfy any other discount criterion. Ask your insurance company or agent about discounts that are available.

Review your policy annually with your agent or customer service representative. When comparison-shopping, be sure to look at coverage terms, service and pricing that is best for you. Prices may vary by hundreds of dollars, so consider the importance of quality service - and not just price alone.