Homeowner's Policies

Homeowner's PolicyThe majority of Homeowner policies provide Open Peril coverage on your Home and Other Structures (such as a garage or shed) on your property. Open Peril states that it covers direct physical loss with named exclusions. Your personal property is covered by a list of 16 named perils typically covering against loss by fire, lightning, smoke, windstorm, hail, vandalism, damage by vehicle, water from the bursting of a plumbing system and theft. A deductible will be applied to each occurrence.

In addition, the policy provides for Personal Liability and Medical Expenses to Others which results from injury cause by you or on your premises. It also covers limited damage to the Property of Others that you may have in your possession.

Coverage for Renters is also available for Personal Property as well as your Personal Liability. Most apartment complexes will require a policy before you take possession. Their demand for this coverage is because the Personal Liability part will cover fire damage caused by your negligence up to your limit of liability on the policy.

Our agency tailors the coverage to fit your home value and any other special needs . We provide comprehensive coverages for your most valued possessions such as golf equipment, musical instruments, cameras, jewelry, and just about any kind of collectable or fine art.

Over the past years, North Carolina has experienced a unique adjustment in the Homeowner insurance market. For most companies, you will need to commit to placing your Personal Auto insurance policy with the same company that you pick for your Homeowners insurance. We will be glad to explain this situation to you during our consultation with you.

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